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Blue Sky Coaching (Career & Life) for Women

Is BlueSkyCoaching for you?

  • Do you feel stuck and stalled in your life or in your career, and wish you could help yourself move forward in a direction that’s best for you?
  • Are you a consultant for a direct sales company, or a woman running her own business looking for a coach to hold you accountable for actually doing what you say you want to do?
  • Do you need help finding, focusing and sharing your unique voice with the world (either literally or metaphorically)?
  • Would you like to be able to articulate your passion and purpose with clarity, confidence and impact, so you can attract more business and be taken more seriously?
  • Blue Sky Coaching is devoted to women who want to stand out, be heard and move forward in their lives or in their careers…women who want to reclaim their voice, their dreams and their potential.

Blue sky coaching helps you feel more confident, more focused, more clear and more committed to realizing your purpose—even if the dishes needs doing, the kids are yanking at your sleeves and your work is piling up like the dirty laundry.

Blue Sky Coaching focuses on the empowering themes central to Eleni’s flagship Keynote presentation, TOUCH THE SKY:  Finding and manifesting “the song in you”—your unique talents, abilities, dreams and desires--  and developing and honoring the 5 P’s (Passion, Purpose, Path, Persistence and  Planning) so you can TOUCH THE SKY on a regular basis!

Blue Sky Coaching can also help you literally take up more space—physically and vocally--to command the attention you deserve, using the tried and true methods Eleni has developed as a successful presentation skills coach and trainer.

All coaching clients begin with a Blue Sky Coaching package, which acts as a springboard to Blue Sky Coaching Plus.

Blue Sky Coaching:

If you want to be everything you can be and TOUCH THE SKY, in your work or in your personal life, you need to figure out where you are, what you want, and where you want to go.  Then you can begin to take daily steps to move yourself forward.  Blue Sky Coaching helps you do just that, giving you the grounding and the support you need to get yourself unstuck, energized, and moving in the right direction.  Once you’ve taken Blue Sky Coaching, you’ll be ready for Blue Sky Coaching Plus.

Blue Sky Coaching includes:

  • 5 hour long individual coaching sessions—in person, or by telephone—over the course of two months: During these sessions, you will: Find and focus your Passion and Purpose; examine your inner and outer obstacles; select the members of your support team; define a path; and develop a daily plan that you can work with Consistent Persistence!
  • 1 TOUCH THE SKY Success System (“30 Days and 30 Ways to TOUCH THE SKY” Journal, with Motivational Musings, TOUCH THE SKY CD single and TOUCH THE SKY Daily Task Pad)
  • Weekly e-mail motivation with Eleni’s Monday Morning Musings
  • Unlimited e-mail exchange through the length of the coaching period.

Blue Sky Coaching Plus:

Prerequisite:  Blue Sky Coaching

Monthly success coaching for those who have done the groundwork of Blue Sky Coaching Basic. Blue Sky Coaching Plus keeps you on course and on task as you move forward on your path, holding you accountable for what you say you want to do.

You can choose to repeat/renew the Plus package as often as needed.

  • 10 hour-long monthly individual coaching sessions—in person or by telephone
  • Unlimited email support through the length of the coaching period.
  • One full-length TOUCH THE SKY Music CD
  • 5 TOUCH THE SKY Daily Task Pads
  • Weekly email motivation with Eleni’s Monday Morning Musings
  • Bi-monthly TOUCH THE SKY tele-seminar with other Blue Sky Coaching Plus Members

Your Voice matters!

Let Blue Sky Coaching give you the confidence, clarity and focus you need to share it with the world!

For more information, or to book a coaching package, email or call 734-622-0522.