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Executive Leadership Coaching


When it comes to the men and women I work with, they're all looking for the same thing: 

"I want a solid message that I can put together in a way that inspires others."


Sometimes, executives come to me to me looking for ways to motivate their flagging team.

Others seek me out because they've received feedback that they're difficult to be around.

Still others approach me because they've been told they're harsh and judgmental and need to improve their relationship skills.

And many come to me wanting help creating and finessing a big, knock-out speech for their annual company or convention.



 To improve your presence, craft and polish your presentation and help you connect and communicate more authentically, here's what we'd do:

  1. First, we determine the type of leader you are.
  2. Once we determine your authentic leadership style, we create a strong voice around it.
  3. Then, we develop the messaging and physical presence that inspires the people you lead



  • A greater sense of confidence, which encourages those you lead to throw their support behind you.
  • People know more clearly what they're there to DO, which makes them more willing to take action.
  • Your leadership presence generates a greater sense of trust, belonging and desire to connect with your vision.
  • Once trust is established, your team members develop a natural willingness to put time and energy into the vison of the company.


  • T.E.G. Master Executive Leadership Presence Development:  Customized individual coaching for senior level executive leaders who want to bring more confidence, congruency and clarity to their messaging, communications and overall leadership presence. 
  • T.E.G.  Master Executive Presentation Preparation:  For senior level executives who want to make an important, upcoming presentation memorable, impactful and downright brilliant-- from content to delivery. 

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