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One-on-One Presentation Skills Coaching

In private meetings in a quiet office setting, or online via SKYPE, Eleni will help you:

  • polish your specific speech or presentation
  • bring greater texture, color or authority to your voice
  • manage anxiety and “fight or flight” symptoms when speaking in public
  • exhibit a more confident verbal presence at meetings
  • structure your presentation for greater impact
  • learn more effective ways to practice and prepare for your presentations so you can feel really ready

Though sessions are tailored to your specific needs, they follow a basic, three-part process that includes identifying beliefs and habits that are holding you back, replacing  them with ones that are more effective, and than applying these new beliefs and behaviors in real-time speaking situations.. You can choose a coaching plan that ranges from individual 90 minute Pinpoint Sessions,to  6 -session coaching packages, to Eleni's comprehensive Transformational Presence Coaching Program, an 8 session soup-to-nuts training curriculum complete with workbook and audio materials.

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In addition to the personalized materials and creative exercises Eleni brings to each session, she will use her discerning eye, knowledge of helpful, theatre-based techniques and prodigious enthusiasm to make your presentations, public speaking skills and general verbal communication abilities more dynamic, memorable and, ultimately, more you.

You will leave your sessions feeling more purposeful and confident, with an enhanced, positive awareness of your communication skills, and a personal toolkit of easy-to-use techniques tailored to your needs.

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NOTE: The focused approach of individual personal coaching is especially valuable in the context of Leadership Development training, allowing you to examine and develop your particular vision, mission and leadership style and connect it -- with purpose and power -- to your spoken words.

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