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Eleni's book, Touch the Sky: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth, Make Your Mark won the 2014 Global e-book Gold award for Inspirational/Visionary Non-Fiction!  To purchase a copy, or find out more about it, click here!

Her 30 Days and 30 Ways to TOUCH THE SKY Journal, with Motivational Musings,  is designed to help you replace old  habits that are holding you back so you can realize your unique potential. It’s available for purchase separately, or as part of Eleni’s TOUCH THE SKY Success System.  To find out more, click here.

Eleni posts regularly on her blog, GreatBigVOICE!  To read her blog posts and join in on the conversation, click here!

Eleni is a regular contributor to ABEC's Business Review.  Click on the following titles for recent articles:

October 4, 2011
 On the 10th anniversary of the tragedy we call 9/11, I listened as National Public Radio’s Here and Now broadcast a tribute to the occasion.  They did a masterful job of putting their arms around an almost incomprehensible subject. Survivors and...
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September 4, 2011
It was a sight to behold:  Twenty four ordinarily reserved adults writhing on the floor, speaking  gibberish, morphing into an interlocking, pulsating, noise-emitting machine, and  giggling like kids.  So began a morning of Improvisation Games,...
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August 4, 2011
My cat, Cicely, insists that I step away from my computer from time to time to play with her on my office floor. We wrestle on the rug, I pat her tummy, she kneads me with her paws. It’s a veritable kitty love fest, a Pause with Paws, so to speak....
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July 4, 2011
Those of us who watched the 2010 television broadcast of the Academy Awards got an unexpected treat when a previously unknown 35 year-old NYU film school graduate named Luke Matheny leaped onto the stage to accept the  Oscar for Best Short Film for...
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June 4, 2011
I see it all the time:  Amazing, capable women who choose to give their power away by disowning or belittling their considerable accomplishments.  It happened recently at a public speaking workshop that I facilitated.  Describing the growth of a...
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May 4, 2011
When you think back to a conversation, presentation or performance that was truly memorable, chances are it also touched your heart.  And it touched your heart because the speaker was willing to speak from theirs. It takes courage to show up and...
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April 4, 2011
Tomorrow morning, I’ll be presenting a three-hour training for fifty members of a regional association. Little will they know that I have, as usual, thought long and hard about ways to use fewer natural resources so I can give a presentation that...
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March 4, 2011
Late for lunch, I rushed into a restaurant and told the host I was meeting a friend.  He looked at his chart of tables, and said, “We haven’t seated any part ies of one. Looks like you’re the first to arrive.”  I immediately replied “I’ll go look...
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January 4, 2011
You’re at the gym, one more sweaty mile to go on the treadmill.  Your muscles are burning, your feet are killing you, and you desperately want to quit. But you don’t.  Instead, you mutter the magic words that keep you going:  “Five more minutes. ...
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October 4, 2010
Most of us are a leading such jam-packed, multi-tasking lives that we practically forget to breathe.  This holds especially true when we face a challenging public speaking situation.  When we feel pressured or judged, and our “fight or flight”...
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