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Sky Grabbers Club

Are you a Skygrabber?

  • Are you a woman committed to reaching for the best in you every day, at work and at play? 
  • Would you like to receive exclusive notifications of tele-seminars, webinars, and SkyGrabber retreats facilitated by Eleni Kelakos designed to keep you focused on developing and manifesting your unique talents and gifts?
  • Would you appreciate occasional motivational, inspirational and practical articles to help you stay your course so you can make the difference you were born to make?
  • Would you enjoy the additional support and encouragement of a community of like-minded women, both online and off?

If you said "yes!" to any or all of the above, The SkyGrabber club has been created especially for you!  Join now, and be part of a group of remarkable women dedicated to being the very best they can be! Membership is free!

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