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SkyGrabber Gallery

The SkyGrabber Gallery highlights an ever-expanding collection of remarkable women who I believe embody the essential qualities of the SkyGrabber:  Courage; vision; passion; a strong sense of personal mission; a desire to affect change in her world; and the burning urge to manifest her highest, most impactful self.   A new SkyGrabber will be added every month, so come back and visit again and again.  If you are compelled to know more about the women featured here, visit their websites and let them know you appreciate the light they are radiatingon this planet.


March 2013

Virginia Giordano-- Producer, Visual Artist

"I stand in a place between abstraction and realism, between independence and society and share a moment in time that slips between reality and memory, between the currents of calm and turbulence which circumscribe our lives. As a self taught artist, I have marked out my territory, my style, which is neither contemporary abstraction nor modern realism/ When I was a child, I thought that I when I grew up I would sit in front of a piano and play, just by magic or osmosis. It was the finger movements which I visualized. I’ve never played piano, but for years when I wrote fiction and my fingers flew across the keyboard, I thought what I had anticipated as a child was writing professionally. Now I’ve found my artistic home and discovered it’s more than my fingers, as a painter it’s my hands and

arms too."

In graduate school, Virginia majored in theatre and design and then came to New York City and worked off-broadway as a lighting designer and production manager. She was drawn into the excitement of producing, and became a respected producer of concerts and other live events in venues from Carnegie Hall to the Pacific Northwestt.  I met Virgina about ten years ago, when she produced a concert in New York City for Ani De Franco, a performer represented by my husband's talent agency.  In the years since, I've fallen in love with Virginia's deep, soulful nature, her marvelous sense of humor, and her keen intelligence. Though I've always had the highest respect for Virginia as a producer, I didn't realize she had leanings towards creating fine art. And so I was taken totally by surprise when I saw her work for the

first time.  I was astonished by its depth and sophistication, and even more amazed by the zest and commitment by which Virginia leaped into creating it (the mark of a true SkyGrabber). I have a painting of Virginia's hanging in my home that fills me with delight every time I see it, and am always thrilled to view the new works she exhibits on her website

Her art is quickly moving out of her Greenwich Village studio and into the homes of other lucky art lovers.  Recently, Virginia had a solo show at the Ansonia Gallery and several pieces in a group show at the Ceres Gallery in New York City. Her work has been shown at the Cahoon Museum of American Art in Massachusetts, and the prestigious 32nd Small Works at Washington Square East Galleries at New York University. She exhibits in group shows at the Provincetown Art Association Museum where she is a member. Her work with the fluid movement of light on stage has influenced her work as a fine artist.

Virginia just goes to prove the value of leaning where your heart leads you, and then committing to it without apology.  She's lived her whole life, thus far, with that strong sense of passion and purpose, and is, therefore, a SkyGrabber par excellence!