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The Tallest Poppy

The Tallest Poppy Program uses the magical and transformative elements of theatre, music and story- telling in two separate, though interrelated, components: The Tallest Poppy Show and The Tallest Poppy Workshop. These components can be booked or paired together for maximum impact.

The Tallest Poppy Show:

An interactive, one-woman theatrical show with music performed by Eleni Kelakos. With humor, passion and well-earned wisdom, Eleni, a tall poppy in her own right, uses the arc and events of her own life's path to illustrate the value of fully embracing and celebrating our individual uniqueness. Adaptable to any environment, time frame and age group, but particularly suited to Intermediate School girls. Songs include "My Body is My Rocketship," "What if Barbie Was Taller Than Ken?," and "Choose to Choose."

The Tallest Poppy Workshop:

A creative, experiential workshop that can work in tandem with the Tallest Poppy Show or as a separate entity. Participants learn the Tallest Poppy Song, and become familiar with its five basic themes and lessons:

  • Uniqueness and Potential
  • When Others Limit Us
  • Facing Obstacles
  • The Power of Choice
  • Setting an Example

With Eleni passionately facilitating, participants explore these themes and lessons through conversation and fun, interactive exercises. The workshop is a thought-provoking, creatively stimulating experience. It can be adapted to all ages, genders, time frames and environments. Workshop participants leave feeling empowered and in touch with their own unique qualities, attributes and potential.

Praise For The Tallest Poppy Project:

"It would be an understatement to describe The Tallest Poppy as wonderful, fantastic, inspirational, warm, funny and hopeful... Eleni's production was truly magical, and the magic emanated from Eleni's warm and endearing personality on and off the stage... she lives and breathes her inspirational message... Through original songs and a beautifully scripted drama, children and parents were reminded to celebrate their uniqueness, hold on to their dreams and leap over life's imposed limit signs. With dramatic and entertaining flair, Eleni Kelakos eloquently shared her story of remaining committed to her self, her dreams and desires. Children immediately identified with her role as "The Tallest Poppy" and realized they were not alone in their insecurities... As a result of the show and complimentary workshop, students left the evening event feeling self-confident and self-assured. In a society where mentors are difficult to find, Ms. Kelakos is a perfect role-model for young people. I highly recommend The Tallest Poppy program for young people around the nation."

~ Tammy Breymaier, Guidance Counselor, Granville Intermediate School, Granville, OH ~


About the song "The Tallest Poppy"

Created by nationally touring singer, songwriter, actress and motivational speaker, Eleni Kelakos, The Tallest Poppy Program is based on the empowering message of her popular song, The Tallest Poppy (from her second CD, TO THE BONE, released on EEK! Records in 2000). In this simple but powerful song, Petal, a spunky little poppy, dares to defy the law of the Poppy Land by growing past the Limit Sign and taller than the other poppies in the field. In so doing, Petal inspires other little Poppies to reach inside, honor their uniqueness and fulfill their own potential.

Select lyrics from The Tallest Poppy:

E. Kelakos ©2000

Be the Tallest Poppy, be all that you are

Be the Tallest Poppy, dare to touch the stars

Stand up proud and stretch your wings, and set yourself apart. 

Be the Tallest Poppy, with the tallest heart...


Note to Educators:

Workbooks, with creative exercises and questions designed to stimulate discussion on the themes of self-empowerment and self-actualization at the core of The Tallest Poppy Song, are available for classroom use. These materials can be used to augment a visiting performance of Eleni's Tallest Poppy show, her Tallest Poppy Workshop, or both.


Contact Information:

For more information on the Tallest Poppy Program or to book its various components, write to or call 734-622-0522.


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Tallest Poppy One Sheet

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