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Touch the Sky

  • Are your employees at risk for burnout ?

  • Have they forgotten their true value and purpose?

  • Is “bottoming-out” affecting their bottom line?

Let Eleni inspire the people in your organization to re-connect and re-commit to what’s important, so they can reach their potential on a daily basis!

TOUCH THE SKY is Eleni’s flagship motivational keynote performance. It’s a perfect way to open or close your next conference. And It’s different, because it reflects Eleni’s background as a professional singer, songwriter and actress.  Not only does she give people a fresh perspective, she tells them what they need to know and what they need to do to be their best and bring out the best in others on a daily basis.  And she does this with just the right mix of powerful stories, original songs and simple strategies woven together to literally create an experience, not just a lecture.

In the context of her presentation, Eleni zeroes in on four specific things: 

  1. Reminding people why it is they do what they do, and why it’s so important
  2. The value of perspective in overcoming internal and external obstacles
  3. Taking charge of what you can control by making a choice, taking action and being accountable.
  4. Making it contagious —spreading this “can-do” attitude throughout the ranks


When the TOUCH THE SKY experience is done, people walk away feeling:


  • More valued and appreciated by your organization
  • More hopeful for a brighter future
  • More energized and better equipped to handle job stress, take concrete steps and motivate their team members.

Eleni’s flagship keynote, TOUCH THE SKY can be customized to fit the unique needs of your group. Eleni  also deliver practical breakout  sessions that reinforce personal empowerment and growth.  To continue the empowering message at the core of TOUCH THE SKY the presentation, Eleni offers products

TOUCH THE SKY is a particularly great fit for:


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Eleni offers TOUCH THE SKY products to continue the empowering message of TOUCH THE SKY long after the presentation is over. 

> Click here to learn more about Eleni’s TOUCH THE SKY Musical CD, Journal and Daily Task Pads!