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The group dynamic is a powerful and transformative tool, especially useful in deepening interpersonal communication skills between members of a team. Within the context of a structured training, seminar or workshop, Eleni uses experiential, group oriented, theatre-based exercises and improvisations to nudge participants out of their comfort zones and into new and exciting areas of self-expression. In these energized, interactive sessions, participants learn from - and rely on-each other, ultimately enhancing their ability to work together as a productive team.

A positive and dynamic facilitator, Eleni sometimes emphasizes her points by pulling out her acoustic guitar and singing her funny, thought-provoking original songs, or breaking into a Shakespeare monologue. Sessions are content-rich, animated, exhilarating and fun, providing numerous opportunities for personal transformation and growth.

Group training can be combined with supplemental individual personal coaching for even greater effect.

Topics range from Presentation Skills training, Communication Skills, Power Point best practices, Storytelling techniques for business, Improvisation tools for spontaneous speaking, Networking Skills and STOP PLAYING SMALL, a training for women who want to be seen and heard more effectively in the workplace. Every training has at its core Eleni's central philosophy:  Igniting and embracing your Transformational  Presence so you can sell, lead and speak with maximum impact.

The Eleni Group offers private, in-house training for your team members, and public training sessions and workshops for the general public.

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