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The Transformational Presence Process

The goal of theTransformational Presence Process is to get you to think like an actor so you can speak like a leader. To that end, Eleni shares with you the tools and techniques she learned as a professional actor—tools and techniques that helped her stay focused, calm, energized and present even under the most stressful performance and audition situations.

Depending on the length and level of your commitment, your specific goals, and the coaching package you choose, you will:

  • Create a personalized Presentation Preparation toolkit with easy-to-use techniques that will help you be truly ready—in mind and body as well as presentation content—to give a relaxed, authentic and memorable presentations.
  • Learn breathing and relaxation tools to help you reduce and manage pre-presentation jitters.
  • Lean a more effective system of shaping and presenting your presentation content.
  • Uncover and examine the blocks that are stopping you, and replace them with new thoughts and actions that will move you forward towards more assured, impactful presentations.
  • Develop an enhanced awareness of your communications skills, and a renewed sense of excitement about the unique gifts you bring to the speaking platform.

We’ll use video and audio taping, role-playing/simulation, discussion, scripts and monologues, improvisation, and creative exercises to help you bring your best self to your spoken words.

After each session, you’ll leave with specific “homework” to complete that will further extend the development occurring in your coaching sessions.

Note:  Current coaching clients get lifetime discounts on registration for The Eleni Group training public speaking workshops and seminars. 

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