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What is the Eleni Experience?

Whether you’re on the receiving end of Eleni’s keynote presentation, participating in a group training, or working with one-on-one in a coaching session, you’ll feel the lasting effect of something that can only be described as “The Eleni Experience.”

“The Eleni Experience” is a gentle, but firmly guiding hand, nudging you out of your own way so you can bring your most effective, authentic self to your presentations, your work or your life. Based on the tools, techniques and supportive philosophy of Eleni’s training as a professional actor, “The Eleni Experience” is focused on your strengths, not your weaknesses.  Its goal is to help you develop and share the unique gifts that bring authority, impact and significance to your personal expression.

And since Eleni is at the heart of “the Eleni Experience,” it is imbued with the joy, enthusiasm, humor, insight, wisdom, commitment and passion that define her.

In the words or her clients and advocates, “The Eleni Experience” is…

“…In depth, thoughtful, strength-based support to take your public speaking to the next level … using the gifts and skills you already have. Eleni doesn’t ask you to become someone you aren’t … she helps you grow to your full you.  Lively. Fun. Informative. Affirming. Dynamic. “ --Aimee Sterk, Program Manager, Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

“…a long-term relationship with a partner that lives along with you…Empowering, liberating, comforting and calming …support in its purest form, making me the purest form of myself. Eleni finds the perfect way to relate to every scenario thrown at her, always turning it back to focus on you. She delivers the sunshine I need to grow and flourish.”  --Emily A. Hay, Founder, Hay There Social Media.

“…a breath of life-giving air… joy, compassion, love, and desire to support.   More than once Eleni has reframed my nerves and pulled those things out of me that I can use to connect to an audience.  And then she does the unimaginable:  She makes me look cool…. “ -- Miche Suboski, Kay Business Solutions and Director of MSH, Leap, Inc.

“… a warm, supportive guided tour of self-discovery…  Each encounter leaves me stronger, more confident and more of who I innately am. When I am stuck, when I am scared to present or share my heartfelt work, I hear Eleni’s voice encouraging me…I am more “me” because of Eleni…”  --Karen Andrews, Chief Development Officer, McKinley, Inc.

“…calm, a sense of clarity that allows you to breathe… a genuine desire to help you become a better you and achieve your professional goals.  Eleni gave me back myself.”  --Christie Clipper, Founder, Healthy Edge, LLC

“…creates a comfortable, safe space where I can be myself.  Eleni is passionate about helping women like me find their voice.  She cares as much as I do about me reaching my goals.  She’s helped me learn to value myself, focus on my strengths, and gain the confidence I need to create a more fulfilling life.”  --Betsy Volaric , Dir. Of Marketing, Champions for Charity