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What is Transformational Presence?

Babies have it.

Great Actors do too.

Let’s face it:  You can’t take your eyes off of a baby.  That’s because they’re completely and comfortably present in their tiny little body, inhabiting the moment like it’s nobody’s business.   They’ve got what I call Transformational Presence, which I define as “a person’s ability to deeply transform and affect others by being genuinely and passionately present.”

The greatest actors, leaders and speakers exude a Transformative Presence that leaves an indelible impression both on and off the stage.
Like them, you were born with Transformative Presence.  It’s just grown dim over time, like the embers of a fire, waiting for you to stoke it into full flame.

You know it’s there… you sense it from time to time, in moments that feel so good they leave you wanting more.  Like a golfer whose rare, great shots keep them striving through a summer of mediocre golf, you keep going, wanting to feel the glimmer of Transformational Presence again.

But Transformational Presence can be elusive. In order for it to become consistent, something you can rely on, it needs the gentle assist of a guiding hand…an outside witness who can see it, label it, and give you the tools to continuously embody it.

Actors understand this.  That’s why they work with trusted directors, coaches and teachers to be the best they can be. Great Athletes, like golfer Tiger Woods, understand this too.  They know that, if they want to become—and remain—the best at their game, they need the support and guidance of an expert, intuitive coach. Because a coach, a trainer, a director can see what you can’t see yourself:  What’s holding you back, and what can propel you forward.

Transformational  Presence takes awareness.  It takes discipline.  It takes honoring Eleni’s Five Commandments of Great Acting,  Great Speaking and Great Leadership:  Know Thyself; Be Thyself; Prepare Thyself; Commit Thyself and Turn Thyself on (so you can Turn Others On).  It takes a wilingness to step, without apology, into the fullness of who you are-- as a  leader, as a speaker, as a human being.

Transformational Presence.  It’s in you, eager to be released so you can make your mark on the world around you.

Let’s work together to fan the flame of your TransformativePresence so it becomes a roaring, consistent fire… a fire that transforms what it touches, making your message and your mission as irresistible as, well… a newborn baby.

Want to ignite your Transformational Presence through coaching or training? Or encourage Transformational Presence in your team members by having Eleni speak at your next convention or event?  Click here!