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For Women

A Message for Women from Eleni Kelakos

Though I regularly offer public speaking training and speech coaching to both men and women, I have recently created some specific programming for women.  This reflects my growing mission to empower women-- a mission that became apparent in the 1990’s, when I began writing, recording and performing my original songs. 

The title cut of my first CD, I Will Fly, proclaims the theme of personal empowerment that is inherent in all of the services I offer. 

“I will break the mold
Color over lines
I will overflow
Walk a path that’s mine
I will rise above
I will fill the sky
I will, I will fly”
--From I WILL FLY, music and lyrics E. Kelakos, ©1999 Leg E Cat Records

Looking back through the contents of the four CDs I’ve released since I WILL FLY hit the radio waves, it’s clear that, from the get-go, I’ve been passionately focused on writing songs that shine a light on issues unique to women’s experiences and challenges. I’ve written about our tendency as women to settle for less than what we’re worth in my song Nickels and Dimes (“She thinks she’s worth maybe a nickel or a dime/So she settles for nothing each and every time/Nobody’s saying she’s gotta shoot for the stars/But that small change, Nickels and Dimes/ain’t gonna take her far). And my award-winning song, The Application, which was featured in the respected Folk magazine, Sing Out!, is a love letter to ‘a woman of a certain age’ experiencing ageism and sexism when applying for a job (“Cause she is old like a redwood tree/ stars or the shifting sea/good wine, in time/And she is wise, with the wisdom come/ of living life and giving love/ Attributes all lost in the translation/of her Employment Application”).

So it’s no surprise to me – or anyone who knows me-- that I‘ve evolved into a speech coach, presentation skills trainer and nationally touring motivational speaker particularly committed to encouraging women to take charge and take action... at work, on the speaking platform and in their lives. Because the world needs our leadership, and the wisdom, compassion and collaborative gifts that we have to offer. It needs us to stop making excuses, and start taking leadership-- without apology, and without delay.

If you are a woman looking for support in embracing your worth and your words, you’ve come to the right place. Now is the perfect time for you to focus on yourself and make your dreams a reality! Let’s talk about how I can help you make the difference you were born to make!